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English to French Translation Services

What’s your context?

I have an excellent track record of delivering high-quality, accurate and appropriate English to French translations on a variety of topics.

This is in part due to my strong commitment to translation research and eye for detail. Yet what sets my work apart is a theoretical and practical understanding of the importance of context.

My translations are also affordable and fairly priced, and I consistently deliver projects on time for the agreed fee.


  • Various British
  • International
  • Private individuals

Translation Services

I understand that needs, deadlines and budgets can vary enormously, so I offer two translation services: Standard and Highly Polished.

This means you only pay for the type of translation you actually need.

Regardless of which service you chose, be assured that the final translation will be relevant to your context and take into account factors such as who will read it and where. It will also be thoroughly proofread for accuracy.

- Standard

With this service you are guaranteed a faithful rendering of the meaning of your original document in French. The translation will also be presented in accordance with French linguistic, cultural, textual and formatting conventions.

In addition, I always put in the effort required to ensure that the translation will suit the context(s) in which it will be used.

Find out more about the link between context and good translation.


I can provide bespoke gist translation services if necessary.

- Highly Polished

All my English to French translations are produced to an exacting standard, but sometimes clients require me to go that extra mile and doubly ensure that their document is:

In these cases, my Highly Polished Translation Service is appropriate.

Not sure which service you require?

Please get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss your text(s)
and specific requirements with you.
I’ll also provide a FREE quote.

When is a mile not a mile? When it’s a kilometre.


I offer translation services in the following fields:

  • International law
  • International relations
  • International development
  • Humanitarian issues
  • Human rights
  • Criminal law
  • Business, finance and
  • Environmental issues
  • EU matters
  • Trade and industry

ITI Seal

ITI Seal


This is often necessary for
legally-binding documents
such as birth and marriage

As a fully qualified member
of the Institute of Translation
and Interpreting, I am
authorised to certify